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Google Fit gets new features and widgets

Like Apple, Google has been slowly building out a suite of mobile and wearable health features to turn our phones and smartwatches into the center of fitness and wellness regimens.

According to Google, they are closely paying attention to the features requests made by users since the redesigned Fit app was rolled out in summer and it has just received a new update in time for holidays.

[Source: The Verge]
The most popular amazing addition for the lovers of Google Fit has gotta be the new widgets, showing your goal progress in your gym or your step count, calories burned, and miles traveled. You will be now able to put them right on your home screen if you really want to push yourself.

With the latest update, Google Fit will also show your most recent workout right on the first screen, which could result in an increase in motivation.

You will also now be able to change the activity intensity manually so you can be sure you are gaining the right amount of points for the effort you’re putting in.

 Another new feature which is added is the breathing exercise feature for Wear OS smartwatches, just like Apple’s standard Breathe app for the Apple Watch.

According to Google, both features will be launched for the compatible smartwatches and Android smartphones this week.

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