Google fined by Russian Authorities for showing blocked websites in search results

According to the reports, Google has to pay a fine of nearly  500,000 rubles which is equal to $7,350 charged Russian communications watchdog Roskomnadzor for violation of law that needs search engines to delete the links to resources with illegal information from search results.

The Russian telecoms authority Roskomnadzor has filed a lawsuit against Google because the company did not know blocked websites in the country from search results.

[Source: TripSavvy]
If the Roskomnadzor court gets the right, Google can be charged with a fine which can be increased up to 700,000 Russian rubles.

Also, Russian authorities want Google to join a state register on which all blocked and illegal websites in Russia are collected.

The Russian government has blocked a lot of websites in Russia making their accessibility very difficult. The sites are said to be blocked for going against the Russian law. And the problem is that Google still links to these websites in the search results.

In recent years Russia has become more strict against search engines to erase results. Social networks must also store personal data of users on servers in Russia.

For the time being, the country is not issuing huge fines like other countries. In addition, Russia is trying to block online services.

Unknown sources say that the country is thinking about making even more strict laws and rules, with which tech companies have to think a lot before breaking the rules and those who break the rules can be tackled harder. The fines would amount to 1 percent of the annual turnover achieved in Russia.

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