Google ends Project Tango development, Pulls the plug for Tango phones

Google along with Asus and Lenovo made the first AR centric phone, and the effort was known as Project Tango, which placed a fully fledge Augmented reality powered Android device into average user’s hands. But sadly after the launch of AR-Core, plans are changed now, and Google has decided to kill the project Tango efforts, thus also discontinuing the Asus Zenfone AR and Lenovo’s Project Tango phone.

The announcement about this sad news was made earlier today on the company’s official Twitter handle, which reads the support for the Tango devices will end in next year in 1st March.

However, the news isn’t that saddening for tango users as the company added, that whatever they learned with Tango will be incorporated within the AR-Core. So, there’s this slight ray of hope, which will ensure that the Tango devices also enjoy the latest developments introduced in AR-Core and thus won’t living them in the dust.

Moreover, Google always forgets that it’s a software company first and hardware is not its biggest strength. The new AR-Core is more software based and has very little to do with hardware, while the Tango devices were made by Third party OEMs. And Google did the software side along with the OEMs, which could have resulted in delayed and inefficient results, thus killing the project ultimately, Google is excellent at ending advance projects/products.

The dream of a project tango powered Moto-Mod for the Moto Z also dies after this announcement, but then again Lenovo/Motorola has still learned a lot about AR, and we could hopefully see something related to AR soon by them.


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