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Google Earth With Dark Mode Soon

We have a lot of apps from Google which we use on a daily basis. These apps make our life easy and convenient and they are pretty good at what they’re doing. Google is improving their apps daily and most of the apps are available with latest features in them. Same goes to Google Earth, an app from Google which is not so commonly used by the users. Google Earth is a great application for users who want to look at earth closely and the Live View is amazing.

Google Earth will have a new feature soon which is common nowadays which is Dark Mode. Nearly every app supports Dark Mode right now except some apps including Google Earth. Google has added the feature of Dark Mode in Google Earth already in the latest update. It looks like the company hasn’t unlocked the feature yet because maybe they aren’t ready yet. Soon we will be able to see the Dark Mode in Google Earth too which will be a relief.

Dark Mode is basically a feature of Android 10 and we got access to Dark Mode after this new Android version only. Android 10 came with a lot of other features but the main feature of Android 10 was Dark Mode. This feature did very well and the users liked it very much. All the apps started to get the new feature of Dark Mode too with new updates. Now that Android 11 will be here, we will see a lot of new features and changes in it. Users are eagerly waiting for Android to launch the Android 11 and the users won’t be disappointed for sure.

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