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Google cuts down revenue share from 30% to 15% for subscription based Android apps

Following Apple’s footsteps, Google has introduced some new changes in its revenue system for developers on the Google Play Store. And, its good news for all Android developers, from now on, Google has decided to give 85% share of revenue to its developers, and now will just take 15% out of it, as operating fees. This down from 30% directly to 15%, boosting the subscription-based product’s revenue figures for every app and game developers publishing in the play store.

Image shows Play Store Image Courtesy: andropalace. net

The operating fees for subscription products will be 15% when you retain the subscriber after the 12months paid period. Google explains this as an example, which is supposed if the user is subscribed for 4 months, then the fees will go down to 15%, instead of 30% when he/she subscribes for eight more months.

The 12-months eligible subscriber’s conditions are as follows:
  • When the Subscriber is within the grace period
  • When the Subscriber has taken an upgrade or a downgrade from the current subscription plan
  • If a subscriber comes back after using the service for 2months, after cancellation
  • When a Subscriber is an introductory or promo Pricing
When the 12-month subscriber isn’t eligible:
  • Subscriber’s who’s purchases are refunded, those won’t comes under this, increase in revenue
  • When the subscriber is using a Free trial period for your service or app
  • When the account is on hold.

You can read in-depth about the meaning of every condition by visiting this link here. The revenue boost, for many subscription-based apps, is a good move, so that the developers will continue to provide you with the same quality service all year, if they want you to stick around for 12months and get that 15% cut, instead of 30%.





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