Google could be fined by Russia over failing to censor search results

Google has been fined a lot this year and might receive another fine with this year coming to an end.

Google has been blamed by Russia of going against the local rules and regulations by not removing the banned websites from its search results, according to Roskomnadzor, the country’s watchdog in a post on VK.

[Source: TripSavvy]
In this post, it was said by the Russian communications regulator that they have opened a civil case against Google over violating its rules and decision will be made about it in the coming month.

Roskomnadzor has the power to issue charges without involving the court, according to local media, and if found guilty, Google could face up to $10,444 in fines.

Russian laws state that search engines like Google should join a state registry, which lists websites the Kremlin deems to contain illegal information.

It was found that Google hasn’t joined the registry and is not applicable according to law.

You would be surprised to know that it is not the first that big tech companies have run into trouble with the Russian government, which threatened to block YouTube and Instagram over content.

Google was hit with a $5 billion fine in last summer with EU concerns over antitrust violations related to the Android mobile operating system.

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