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Google Chrome v64 tear-down reveals a lot of new smart features

Chrome v64 for Android is rolling out and packs a bunch of new features, but sometimes it gets difficult to point out nifty little features and might take some time, but no more. As a teardown of the app has been taken under by the fine folks at theandroisoul(TAS), and it revealed quite a lot of new utility features. So now let’s dive in and see what the new alterations are, and which new features have been implemented.


Ability to Export passwords

<string name=”save_password_preferences_export_action_description”>Export passwords stored with Chrome</string>

Starting with the first ability that Chrome v64 has gained which now allows it to export passwords. And you can also see in the code snippets given above; it says Export passwords stored with Chrome. However, the one question here arises where? To other browsers maybe or to the Chrome running on your PC.

Auto-translation wherever it’s needed

<string name=”languages_item_option_offer_to_translate”>Offer to translate</string>
<string name=”languages_list_prefs_description”>Websites will show text in your preferred language, when possible.</string>


Next up is auto translation where ever Chrome thinks it is necessary, such as a site from the different region may have some stuff in English while other text might be in a different regional language. So, this where Chrome’s auto-translation will kick in and try to make everything readable.


Translation ability integrated, for apps

<string name=”TranslateEnabledDesc”>

Whichever app that uses Chrome to display content within it, will now be able to translate, the content as into the user’s readable language. Moreover, this feature can also be enabled and disabled by the user. This enables the Google Chrome’s translation service.


Ability to resume page, when paused by Chrome

<string name=”near_oom_intervention_message”>This page uses too much memory, so Chrome paused it.</string>

Google chrome can pause a loading page if it eats up a lot of memory and now the user also can resume it. This will thus keep lag/hand-up of devices in check as Chrome will take action of the memory is spotted to be low in the system and will immediately pause it, to preserve it for other apps. A very smart move by Google.

Now keep in mind that this features revealed in the teardown, may or may not get enabled in the first go by Google, or are present in the APK file, but need more improvements and might start working from the next update, as the remaining part gets appended.

Source: theandroidsoul

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