Google Chrome Upgrades Password Protection

Google Chrome is the preferred browser for all Android users and has been for quite a while now. Google Chrome is now releasing a new update which will allow it to increase security towards password protection on android and IOS devices. This is great news for all the smartphone users because now their passwords will be better protected against people who are trying to steal it.


Password theft is one of the most common ways by which you can suffer a huge personal loss but with the new security features in Google Chrome your passwords and accounts will be better protected. Google Chrome 86 is now available for all operating systems such as desktop and mobile which includes tablets as well. This new release comes with a lot of new features focused around security which are specifically designed to keep their users safe against theft of passwords among other things.

As you might know that Google Chrome has a built in password manager if you have been using this browser on your smartphone or desktop and it remember your password if you want so that you can easily login to your account without having to look for password every time but now this password manager gets a security boost which will make it a lot more safe to use and also alert you when the site it was surfing is vulnerable and you should not sign in with your password cause it might be a decoy and your passwords may get stolen with your account. This feature will also keep an eye on all the active downloads from the website and keep you aware of the security threats related to it.

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