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Google Chrome no longer the WebView app in Android Q

Android pretty much is now working the same as the computers and a lot of web browsing and page viewing happens on it. The Google Chrome app also the web browser you get with pure android devices is also working as a web viewer for some time now. With the latest and recent Android Q or 10 Google chrome is officially no longer the web viewer on android devices. Android’s WebView is not a new feature and it has been there since the Android KitKat with some ups and downs on its way. It was in the year 2013 when chromium-based WebView feature was provided in the Android KitKat.

WebView app in Android Q

There were changes made with the WebView in Android lollipop as chromium-based WebView was made separate. Next thing that they did with WebView is that they decided to completely make it the work of Google chrome to take care of WebView. It was a step to make things simplified and easier more relevant to each other. There was now a list with one less app to maintain and provide updates of but it seemed like they were just not using it. The app was still there getting updates not being useful.

Now with the new Android version, they decided to go backward with the WebView chain. One way or another they are using chromium-based WebView and just happened to call it trichrome. It is a separate app for WebView and chrome is free of this duty again. This new WebView is not so much different and you might not even feel the change. There is something new anyway as this WebView component is getting more than just stable and beta versions. The versions available for the WebView component are Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary.

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