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Google Chrome Canary/dev browsers gets YouTube Style controls and functions

Google’s experimental browser duo, the Chrome Canary, and the Chrome dev get new tricks up its sleeves that you get on the official YouTube app. This new update brings the double tap to fast forward and rewind, which wasn’t present in its built-in video player earlier.

You can now also tap in the middle of the video player to Play or pause the video; earlier you use to do this action by a button present at the bottom of the player. And not only the play pause now hovers over the video, but all the essential video players operations are built over it like youtube, for instance, full-screen mode, video timeline and time as well as the audio mute/volume control.

Chrome canary
Image shows redesigned video player in Chrome Canary, Image courtesy: androidpolice. com

However, it is also reported that all this YouTue style trickery is still buggy and some users are facing weird app crash issues. But that’s expected when the app itself represents the wild experimental side of chrome. Moreover, we could also end up seeing such a similar feature on the Standard version of Chrome soon.

Apart from that, you can get it by going to the flags page, and all you have to do is just set #enable-modern-media-controls => “Enabled.” Moreover, be careful with this experimental version of Chrome as they consume a lot of bandwidth, as the update frequency for these browsers is much more higher, that’s up to four to five times in a week alone.

Now to download the Chrome Canary just visit here and for the Chrome Dev’s latest version you can find it here.

Via: androidpolice




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