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Google Chrome Brings New Safety Features

When we think of browsing anything on the internet, Google Chrome comes to our mind instantly. This is because Google Chrome is the most reliable web browser. We use Google Chrome to browse the internet plus to download stuff as Chrome is a good downloader also. Google Chrome is stable as hell and even its application is available for mobile phones. There are some really cool features which are available in Google Chrome. Everyone’s favourite feature of Google Chrome is its Incognito Mode. You can surf any website or anything you want without leaving any history behind through Incognito Mode.

Although Google Chrome is the best when it comes to security and the user’s safety, Google Chrome brings new safety features. Google Chrome is nearly unbeatable when it comes to the competition but still, Google is improving its security. Main Features of this new update are for Web Users. The new and updated interface is here for Web Users of Google Chrome. Now users can block the third-party cookies permanently for nearly all sites. Google Chrome got overall updated security. Users can browse more securely now with Google Chrome.

This is the list of some new features which came in Google Chrome with this new update-

  • Users can block third party cookies now in both, regular and Incognito mode.

  • You can clear your History more easily now.

  • If any of your saved passwords will be compromised, Google Chrome will notify you instantly.

  • Google Chrome has a Safe Browsing Technology and if it’s turned off, Chrome will send the user an alert.

  • Incognito Mode is improved and it is more secure now.

  • Overall UI got some improvements.

There are many more features which we get with the new Google Chrome update. Update Google Chrome to see them.

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