Google Assistant will now able to make charities and donations

What a way to start 2019 on a positive note is by donating to a charity of your choice. And now a new way is introduced by Google and that is through Google Assistant.

At the start of December 2018, the Play Store introduced a built-in feature to make donations to charitable organizations right from Android.

[Source: Google]
With this feature of donations, Google Assistant quietly added an even easy and simple way to contribute to good causes with just your voice on all your smart devices.

You have to say “Hey Google, donate to charity” or “Ok Google, make a donation” starts the donation process.

Assistant is going to ask you the name of the organization and then recommends donating the average amount of $10. The amount can be changed by users, or specify all that information at the beginning of the command.

Google Assistant Payments have to be turned on, letting the reservations and other purchases with your account.

Going to “Payments” in the “Personal info” tab of Assistant settings will let the users’ type info their credit/debit card, delivery address, and approval methods like password and fingerprint.

At the start of December, Donations on Google Assistant was rolled out and around the same time that the Play Store added similar functionality.

So, now if you ever need to make quick and easy donations, then you can easily do it with the help of Google Assistant.

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