Google Assistant now available on Tablets and Lollipop devices

Although we have got many different types of AI Assistants, Google Assistant has been the best as it comes Integrated all over the Android ecosystem. Google Assistant is becoming smarter and smarter day by day with the integration of the software now available also to the Smart Home devices.

Google Assistant debut on the Pixel Phone running on the Android Nougat, but later it was made available to other phones also. Now Google has made it official that they are launching the Assistant for the older version of devices that are running Lollipop. If you are living in US, UK, India, Australia and have preset the language to US English, then you will be getting the update in a couple of days. The update will be for the Google Play Services, and it will be kind of an invisible update which you will not be aware.

Apart from Lollipop based devices, the Assistant is also coming to tablets. We have seen a significant decline in the use of Android tablets from the past, and with the increasing size of the smartphones, tablets are becoming just a gimmick for the average user. Only the US-based citizens having an Android tablet will be provided with the Assistant update. Also, the tablet must be set to US English language to be capable of getting an update.

Google Assistant
Image shows Google Assistant Image Courtesy: gsmarena .com

There is no specific date announced for the completion of roll out, but it will soon be on every device. Another news for the tablet owners is that the device will only get the update if it is running on Android Nougat or Marshmallow.


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