Google Assistant rolling out personalized audio news feed

Google is now searching the options they got for the future of audio news on Assistant with Google News and publications around the world.

Asking for news on phones or Google Home will become more personalized and will be able to deliver you updates throughout the whole day.

Google Pixel 3 Call Screening
[Source: TheNerdMag]
It will allow you to listen to the audio news playlist made by Google Assistant to tell you about the topics you’re interested in. Google’s latest Assistant feature uses AI to help collect these news according to your choices, and it’s released today for a small number of users.

In the past few years, Google has been collaborating with news publishers all around the world for the future of audio news. This includes working with news publishers such as Associated Press, Hollywood Reporter, Universo Online, and 17 other publications.

The audio news playlist will be made in some seconds after you request one. It is going to start with a quick overview of current top stories and any small updates on relevant topics.

You can also ask for longer stories on a topic of your choice which can be long from 2-15 mins. So far, no music or ads are allowed within the stories, and publications can’t use profanity either, in accordance with FCC guidelines,

The new feature is only available to a limited number of users in the US, and an international release will come later on. Google is also encouraging other English-language publications to apply and become part of the service.

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