Google asked Supreme Court to make the final call in its dispute with Oracle

After many years of legal rulings, Google is finally asking the Supreme Court to take a decision in its infamous dispute with Oracle. It was announced by Google, that they have filed a petition with the Court, asking the justices to determine what are the boundaries of copyrights law in code.

This case started in 2010 when Google was accused by Oracle of improperly using elements of Oracle’s Java programming language to build Android. Google

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According to Oracle, Google’s use of Java application programming interfaces was a violation of copyright law. Google has replied that APIs are too important to programming to be copyrighted.

A jury found in 2016 that Google’s use of declaring code and the structure, sequence, and organization of Java APIs was not any violation. However, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit overturned that decision to Oracle’s benefit.

Google petitioned the Supreme Court asking for a review of the dispute. According to Google, last year’s appeal will have a “far-reaching impact on innovation across the computer industry” if not changed.

Oracle executive VP and general counsel Dorian Daley said in a statement:

“Google’s petition for certiorari presents a rehash of arguments that have already been thoughtfully and thoroughly discredited. The fabricated concern about innovation hides Google’s true concern: that it be allowed the unfettered ability to copy the original and valuable work of others for substantial financial gain. In major victories for software innovation, the Court of Appeals has twice sided with Oracle against Google. The Supreme Court should once again deny Google’s request to take the case.”

Google senior VP of global affairs and chief legal officer Kent Walker said that:

“We support software developers’ ability to develop the applications we all have come to use every day, and we hope that the Supreme Court will give this case the serious and careful consideration it deserves”

It will be interesting to see what verdict Supreme court is going to give on this petition.

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