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Google App Finally Got The Dark Mode For Search Results

Everyone is enjoying the Dark Mode which Android and iOS both the platforms have. People are addicted to the Dark Mode because it looks cool. In the night time, that bright white User Interface irritates and that is why we have Dark Mode. Users can enjoy the Dark Mode in their devices which are running on Android 10 or above. In iOS, iOS 13 and above versions support Dark Mode. A lot of apps have switched to the Dark Mode after that. Instagram and WhatsApp support Dark Mode which is a great thing.

While everyone is enjoying apps with Dark Mode, here Google has launched its dark mode feature too. Now you can search for anything on the Google app and it will show you the results in dark mode if enabled. For iOS, Google App is available on the App Store and the app supports Dark Mode now. Users had the Dark Google Search Bar in Android devices from some time but now Google has the complete Dark UI. People are loving it and almost everyone got the Dark Mode in Google search results now.

Google was thinking of this feature for a long time and people were waiting for it. Users even signed for the Beta testers of Google to get the Dark Mode as soon as possible. Dark Mode has become a trend now and almost every app is following it. You can disable the Dark Mode if you want by going into the Settings of the Google App. If you haven’t got it yet then update your Google app right now and you will get it for sure.

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