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Google accepts Microsoft’s shift to Chromium, but Mozilla doesn’t

Microsoft confirmed the rumors that the company is indeed moving its Edge browser to Google’s open-source Chromium engine. This change is going to result in making Microsoft Edge more faster and also making things much more simple and easier for developers.

This move also indicates that Microsoft Edge will be far more compatible with websites, but Microsoft will also be able to help in underlying code of the Chrome browser and will make sure its improvement on Windows 10.

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[Source: BEAM]
Google has issued a statement on this move:

“Chrome has been a champion of the open web since inception and we welcome Microsoft to the community of Chromium contributors. We look forward to working with Microsoft and the web standards community to advance the open web, support user choice and deliver great browsing experiences.”

Microsoft also issued a statement regarding this move:

“We intend to adopt the Chromium open source project in the development of Microsoft Edge on the desktop to create better web compatibility for our customers and less fragmentation of the web for all web developers. As part of this, we intend to become a significant contributor to the Chromium project, in a way that can make not just Microsoft Edge – but other browsers as well – better on both PCs and other devices.”

On the other hand, Mozilla doesn’t seem to be happy with the two tech giants collaborating together. Mozilla spokesperson said in a statement that:

 “This just increases the importance of Mozilla’s role as the only independent choice. We are not going to concede that Google’s implementation of the web is the only option consumers should have. That’s why we built Firefox in the first place and why we will always fight for a truly open web.”

While Microsoft and Google seem to be on the same page, it is still not known yet whether Google will create a Windows Store version of Chrome. Microsoft and Google probably have some more things to discuss until we ever see a version of Chrome in the Windows Store.

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