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Github to bring its mobile App for better Access

Github is a huge development platform with worldwide developers working on it and it has a lot to keep track of. This huge platform needs much more development than any other platform to keep up with the regular work that developers come up for. Github works both ways for developers as an open-source coding as well as business work for and by people. The possibilities for developers and work is wide enough to be the most popular among developers. Now Github just came up with the idea of providing help to its users with a mobile app.

Mobile is always more accessible than any other tech and with Github app users can be connected to work and platform easily. The app was announced by Github in the annual universe conference along with the tools and products that were an introduction by Github. It is the first of the apps by Github and keeps quite some attention to the notification experience it is going to provide. The app will bring better notifications and has improved code searching feature for users. Another one of the features that make the life of users easier is the scheduled reminders. These scheduled reminders will let you have the carefree time while now Github has a pre-release program. The pre-release program will allow users to access new features even before they are finished and getting a public release.

For now, the app by Github is under the beta phase in iOS and android has some time before it gets the app. The features are set to keep it in mind that mobile apps are more accessible and easy to use. Giving feedback and taking part in discussions or helping others with code etc are all on the go.

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