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GitHub Becomes Free To Use For All Developers

There are a lot of things that people can do online and connect is one of them. For different purposes, many different platforms have been developed over the years. One of the many different platforms is Github that is a hosting and collaboration platform for developers. The company and platform are owned by Microsoft and is used by a large number of people. For working on projects and coming together to work on new things Github has a big community. The company has now decided to make some of its premium features free for developers.

The company has some plans and restrictions on how users can work on it. This could cost the host around $7 per month at minimum and the other plans are priced higher. Other features that are available on Github such as private respiratory and multiple numbers of collaborators are restricted while these features are made free. It is a huge platform and a large number of firms use this to collaborate with people. A large number of users can come together to work on a single project on Github.

Making private repositories is made free by Github now that the paid plans are not needed for the same. The CEO of Github has said that they were planning to bring this change for the last 18 months. While the private repositories are made free the number of collaborators is restricted for the host. Actions in Github are also made free to a limit as a team gets 2,000 action minutes per month for free. These actions are things like sending notifications at times. Small projects on Github will be most benefitted by this change as it will be free of cost to host and collaborate.


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