Get a Free Google Chromecast with YouTube TV Subscription

YouTube TV is the new subscription based TV service provided by Google along with Chromecast and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular online TV services in the world with over 85 channels that include premium sports news and entertainment TV channels. You can try YouTube TV for absolutely free of cost and you will also receive a free Chromecast with the new subscription if you sign up right now. The free trial is of 14 days and you can choose to continue your subscription or terminate it. YouTube TV will include all the channels from major networks such as NBC, FOX, ESPN, etc. which means that you will be able to stream your favorite sports match on your TV if you are subscribed with services.

If you do not have a smart TV in your house and you want an online subscription based entertainment service then this is the best time to opt for YouTube TV as you will be receiving a free Chromecast and it will completely transform how you view your TV because it will make your average television a smart TV where you can access the Play Store and download all the desired apps and stream premium content. Chromecast is one of the best operating systems for any television and it offers great functionality to an average TV because you no longer have to depend on the TV itself to give you and operating system because Google Chromecast will do it for you and it will keep updating itself to the most recent version.

The best part about using YouTube TV is that there is no box installation and no wiring required, we just have to plug in the free Chromecast in your TV and connect it to the internet and you are done.

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