GBoard latest updates comes with floating keyboard support

It is a very good news for Android users as Google is going to release a new update for the GBoard app that will allow you to move and customize your Keyboard as you want. The Keyboard won’t be stuck at the bottom of the screen. You will be now able to change its size, move around on the screen and make it pop out.

The Keyboard will be going to work the same way as it does in normal mode and all of the operations appear to work normally, such as suggestions, autocorrects and different keyboards.

[Source: MakeUseOf]
To be able to use this latest update of GBoard, tap on any text box and then tap on three dots and select floating. As you do so, a floating keyboard will now appear on the screen.

And if you don’t use the keyboard for some time, it will slowly turn transparent to display you more apps behind the keyboard. If you want to get this feature first you have to update your GBoard and make sure you have the latest build on your device.

This is not something that is unique to GBoard by any means; floating keyboards have been available in other keyboard apps for a while, so this is really just Google catching up on these third-party apps.

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