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Samsung Galaxy S10 might sport a Triple Camera Sensor on the top variant

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will be arriving next year marking a decade of Galaxy S series success, and also it will be their 10th anniversary. And now the leaks of the device are already incoming and now as per new reports the Galaxy S10 might come in three variants as per the South Korean news firm ETnews, who revealed that the codenames for the three Galaxy S10 variants are Beyond 1, Beyond 0 and lastly Beyond 2.

The Beyond 0 could be the base variant with Single Camera setup and a huge¬†5.8-inch with 1440p+ resolution, while the Beyond 1 is said to feature a dual camera and the display will measure similar to the beyond 0. Now the top of the line model the Beyond 2 will sport a triple camera setup and a larger 6.2-inches display. However, it’s yet not known whether you will see curved dual edges or not.

Galaxy S10 renders
Image Courtesy: tecnobuffalo. com

Moreover, the triple camera setup is not a new thing as we have already seen this on the Huawei P20 pro so Samsung might add its touch to it to call that its own thing. Apart from that, the Galaxy S10 will also feature an in-display fingerprint scanner at least it might be possible for the Beyond 2 which is the top specced variant among the trio.

Lastly, another piece of premium tech that the Galaxy S10 might come with is the 3D facial scanning system, which we have seen on the iPhone X and recently oppo did it with their find X. With all these premium tech packed into one shell, the Galaxy S10 could easily pass the $1000mark when it comes out next year and positions itself as the top of the line premium smartphone of the decade.


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