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Future Google Duo update to bring Support for ChromeOS and a web app?

Google Duo which is rated as the highest quality video and voice calling app, might receive a new update soon, in the coming months. The information about the new update was discovered when a user asked about Google Duo’s possibility on the web platform, and the user got responded by Justin Uberti himself, who is Google’s lead engineer for the video calling app. The response was positive(literally a Yes).

Now let’s take a look at what the query was and what should we expect in the coming months from Google Duo. The user asked about Support on the web as well as on Google Chrome OS, just like how Microsoft brought the Skype integration with contacts in the Windows Creator fall update.

Furthermore, the query also involved the possibility of a group call feature, so that’s something to look forward to, if you are willing to start a podcast channel, with your friends. The group calling has so much more potential than just making plans for a vacation, but also Google could further monetize it for video conference for corporates, and Microsoft’s Skype should start worrying from now.

Along with that, the last query that was thrown was about better Audio quality, which will be improved anyway. With this, a request from other users started pouring in, for instance, deep Google assistant integration as well as the ability to send video messages and for more details, you can read the entire thread here, and some questions were also responded.

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