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Fuchsia might be an Android alternative to support it’s native apps

Google’s new program Fuchsia, an Operating System based on microkernel called zircon, has been undergoing through different testing and rectifications ever since it was announced back in 2016. And from then till now people have come across numerous rumors and news of this mysterious operating system led by Google which might have the potential to create a thriving change in the current overpopulated Android OS as well as Chrome OS ecosystem.

Meanwhile, a recent development on Fuschia OS surges the web, where according to a tweet posted by XDA developer named Mishaal Rahman spotted Fuschia OS in AOSP’s ART (Android runtime) branch.

According to this crucial finding which gives hints that explicitly shows the support of Fuchsia OS in ART branch which theoretically translates the fact that the app’s which are currently running on Android ecosystem will also be able to further run on the yet to release Fuchsia OS without the need of being further tweaked by the developer.

Apart from that Google also stated that it considers Fuchsia to be one of the consistent operating systems across multiple platforms and also presents Fuschia Operating System as a prominent alternative to Android Operating System. So, in a way, it makes more sense to turn app equally compatible with both the platform.

Moreover, it will get the support to get into smart devices of Google including car infotainment systems, traffic lights and smart home as well.

Overall it’ll gradually turn Fuchsia OS to be the best of both the world.

However as far as the availability is concerned, than Fuchsia is still going through experimental phrase and there is no certain update regarding its availability that when it’ll be out as a usable consumer product.


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