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Founder of Huawei Downplays Trump Ban

If you follow the current affairs then you must know that President Trump has put a ban on the Chinese company Huawei technologies corporation limited which will stop them from selling any of their products into the American market and it has become one of the heated arguments between the Chinese and the American governments.

huawei ban

Huawei has been long suspected of spying on their users and selling that data which is a total invasion of privacy and cannot be allowed to happen and that is the reason why the American government has put a ban on the tech giant. In May of this month, the US relax a ban on Huawei which restricts all the American based companies from doing any sort of business with Huawei because the company is being seen as a major security threat to the US by Beijing and it has only fuelled the tensions between the two countries. 

The founder of Huawei is downplaying the effects this ban will put on this tech giant as they have been doing business all over the globe and they have a strong market in the Asian countries and the US has not been there most successful market so it will not put a huge dent in their sales numbers and does not concern them as much as President Trump would think.

This ban has also lead to an expected reaction from Huawei which has ceased to buy any products from the American manufacturers to make their products and it will be there reply to the ban put on them by the US government. Ren Zhengfei also said that they will keep doing what they have been doing and focus on the Asian markets where most of their business lies. 

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