Fortnite Goes into Blackhole making players unable to play it

Fortnite the game that took gaming world with a storm just after it’s release just turned into nothingness. It happened recently when out of nowhere the gamers got hit by a meteor shower. Prior to the events, the whole map got socked into a black hole turning the gameplay into nothingness. It’s termed as ‘The End’ and is kind of a blackout even though it’s said that this is part of the new event. A new season of battle royale in Fortnite was expected and looks like the company decided to make it dramatic for everyone.

Players faced getting sucked into the black hole that leads to a screen that plays a live black hole on their screen. Whenever a player tries to log in to play Fortnite they just get stuck with a black hole on their screen. At the same time, Fortnite decided to turn off and delete everything on social media such as twitter leaving just a live black hole for everyone. The game has a very huge number of players and it’s also one of the top games right now. This free for all game is the most trending game of this year beating other battle royale games.

News is coming up that Season 11 is going to start next to this event that is ‘ The End’ of season 10 of Fortnite. Players might be stuck and the game might have gone but the hype created by Fortnite is something else. The strategy used by the company is kind of cool and scary at the same time because a lot of players are confused. The millions of players are stuck on Blackhole and pulling off this stunt sure makes Fortnite confident of its position. Everyone is looking forward to when the game will be up and what’s after ‘The End’.

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