Fitbit Sense Users Can Now Use ECG Feature

Fitbit sends has now officially gained the ECG functionality in many countries and the users will now be able to take advantage of the newly announced feature in the flagship smart watch from Fitbit and take care of their health more seriously without even having to go to the doctor’s office. The pandemic has taught people how important one’s health is and smart watches are doing the best they can to keep you on your toes when it comes to your health because they are primarily designed to keep your health in check and monitor your daily activities and tell you if you are keeping your body healthy or not.

Fitbit is one of the most respected names in the smartwatch industry and is one of the first brands to come out with a heart rate sensor in their smart watch itself which changed the game for people who are into fitness and want to keep check of their heart beats while working out. Nowadays all the smartwatch manufacturers are coming out with their own new set of features which help the users monitor their bodies in better ways.

All the new smart watches now come with features which notify the family members and the authorities if something goes wrong and they are unconscious and are unable to reach help which is a major leap in the security of an average tech user. The ECG function was rolled out with the Fitbit sense smartwatch but users were unable to take advantage of this feature in some European countries but now they will be able to do so on their own and it comes at a very important time where you are safer at your home then going out.

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