First of it’s kind Autonomous Operating System Announced

Oracle isn’t a new name in tech and now there is something very new and innovative that Oracle is coming forward with. The company itself is providing all the different type of services and does it for better user experience. You might have heard of Oracle cloud services that are quite popular or widespread if mentioned. There were announcements about new things by Oracle in San Francisco that included the availability of Autonomous Linux as an autonomous operating system. As it sounds the OS is automated and is capable of a lot of things without the input of a human.

This latest and one if it’s kind autonomous operating system by Oracle can work on itself and change to solve errors. As it was announced and the capabilities are sure impressive by looking at how they were presented. It can do things like making changes and fixing things by itself so you don’t have to wait for updates or patches. The autonomous operating system can analyze itself and you can ensure that your system will probably not cause you any problems as it will fix itself. The efficiency is also mentioned high as the autonomous operating system can work on itself while running and doesn’t need a break. It works automatically and you don’t have to manually ask it to do things.

What a great time to see such advancement in tech when system fixies itself and all the work of finding the source and fixing it fir devs is reduced. Now you don’t have to wait for the devs to come up with a patch and update to fix something. You will just see that the system patched itself without you noticing. Oracle could infrastructure service have it covered for you with operating system management services.

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