First 5G iPhone could come in 2020

The first ever phone with 5G technology is about to come next year. There are many companies who are planning to do so such as Motorola promised to bring 5G technology in Z3.

Other companies such as LG and OnePlus have confirmed that they will be releasing such phones at some point in the coming year. iPhone users are unlucky in this case because they might have to wait a bit longer for 5G technology.

[Source: Apple]
Apple and Intel’s relation hasn’t been that good in recent years because of the challenge of solving heat dissipation issues caused by the 8060 modem chip. This problem also affects battery life because the heat generated by a device component is always converted from electricity stored in the battery. But Apple has to buy Intel’s modem for 5G because Intel will be the only provider of modems for the 5G Phones.

Apple is planning to buy the Intel’s 8161 5G modem chip for its 5G 2020 iPhone. Intel hopes to fabricate the 8161 using its 10-nanometer process, which increases transistor density for more speed and efficiency.

It’s a wise decision from Apple to wait until 2020 for the release of first 5G iPhone. The 5G technology was finalized this year and the number of 5G base stations available in major markets will remain limited next year.

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