Firefox Browser now available on Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s fire TV happens to be a good alternative for Google’s Chromecast. Around two years ago Amazon pulled down Google’s Nest product from their pages, and in return, Google stopped the broadcast of Youtube on Amazon’s Fire TV. With the launch of Mozilla Firefox for the Fire TV, the owners of the device can now view content on Youtube via the browser.

Nor Amazon or Firefox openly mentioned about YouTube being available on the Fire TV or the Fire Stick with Firefox browser but both do mention that all type of Streaming services are available via Firefox browser which is a big hint.

Google has been quite active on this and can even take action on this move by Mozilla which is one of the best alternatives not only on the desktop but all the network assisted devices. Although Amazon has put back the Google devices back on their e-commerce platform, it was after Google’s decision of blocking YouTube on the Fire TV.

Amazon’s Echo services are currently blocked from many different Google services, and even Amazon’s Silk browser is prevented from accessing YouTube which was a workaround from Amazon’s side. By January 1st we can expect Amazon to be taking some action.

Amazon and Google are not being affected much by this fight of the services, but eventually, it’s the end-customers who are getting concerned. The customers who took Amazon’s Echo or Amazon’s Fire TV are not able to access all the Google services which are a downside as Google has dominated a large part of the web.

As we know, Amazon has resumed the services of Google’s product on their platform so we must be looking forward to Google ending this issue as soon as possible. What do you think about the two big internet-centric companies fighting by blocking each other’s services? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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