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Files by Google App to allow Local Media Streaming on Chromecast

Streaming of local media to Chromecast isn’t the newest feature but Google has decided to bring it now. Google with a new update has provided this feature of streaming local media files on Chromecast devices of all types. All the different types of devices that include speakers, smart TV, etc can be used to stream local files with the new updated version of Files by Google app. Chromecast features will still be the same and navigation and control are easy and accessible with the phone while streaming can be done through other devices.

Files by Google App to allow Local Media Streaming

Files by Google can be used to browse through your local store and any media can be simply selected and used through Chromecast. The updated version should allow you to do so and you are a few steps away from playing your media collection at your will. There have been countless apps that had such Chromecast feature and Google being late is disappointing yet satisfying. Now an easier and reliable source allows you to play through your local store. The feature works solely on Files by Google app and you don’t have to get any other app to use the feature. Media apps have such features and files should be able to give competition to other apps with better Chromecast features.

The feature isn’t the most amazing thing about this updated Files by Google but the accessibility to local media itself is good news. Now you can simply open the Files app rather than downloading third-party apps just for using your Chromecast devices to play files. With Google’s name on the app, it becomes a first and better choice for the majority of android users making it clear that being late won’t affect much.

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