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FCC approves new Wireless Charging solution WattUp by Energous

Charging from a distance is now a reality with WattUp

Wireless charging is just that one convenient feature that you always ought to see in flagship smartphones or any high-end smart products. This feature has been quite popular among Android smartphones, and the feature will grow even more as Apple has started using it in 2017 with its iPhone X and the iPhone 8/8 Plus. Existing charging standards such as Qi wireless charging is what most of the smartphones use, but it requires a charging dock, and the distance is almost you need to put your device on the charging pad physically.

However, a new solution has been in works, and today FCC has granted its approval, this new solution is from a start-up known as Energous, which has brought this new wireless charging standard called¬†WattUp which doesn’t need you to put your device on a charging pad. Instead, it can charge your phone at a distance. That means it uses a mid-field RF transmitter which beams the energy to your device, and thus can charge your device from a max distance of 15 feet, which amazing. Making it the first device in the market to do so, it has appeared in many trade shows, but now it is commercially available.

Furthermore, there’s a wireless energy router, which can sit on your desk and your device such as any smartphone will be placed in an external cover or a stand, now the router will find and authenticate your device and will direct that energy beam thus charging your device from a distance. You can see the demonstration of WattUp in the demo video above.

However, the demo room had no interference, but when you have some, it is reported to work when your device is just 3 feet away, which is still decent enough. You can read more about this marvelous innovation by Energous at source link given below.

Source: energous

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