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Facebook to soon Remove the Engagement Bait posts from Timeline

If you are a Social Media admirer and love to be on almost all popular platforms, some of the major platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc but in our today’s article we will be talking about Facebook. Recently the Facebook team has made a new announcement which each and every Facebook user should know,  they have announced that the click-bait posts will soon get deleted from the Facebook.

Engagement bait facebook
Image showing the engagement bait posts on Facebook.
Image courtesy: fonearena .com

If you use Facebook then you may have noticed that whenever we scroll the timeline randomly on an average we found some posts that have some messages which ask a user to like that particular post, to comment on that specific post or to share that with your friends. After all, behind that post, there is a page who is looking for new followers and these types of posts are very engaging that almost every second person responds to them. So to handle this issue Facebook team will demote that post/page/account but it is not easy to handle each account as daily millions of posts have been uploaded to Facebook.

Image of people using Facebook.
Image courtesy: financialexpress .com

Their team has arranged thousands of posts so that a software can make use of them as a directory and whenever that software founds similar bait posts it will simply demote that account or page. They have also updated the page policies and some new regulations which users will get used to with time. This announcement is a clear benefit of all the Facebook users as from now they will not face any spam posts or misleading content.

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