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Facebook to bring Feature to transfer files to Google Photos

Among the social media platforms, Facebook is one of the top in the list and have been developing for a long time. New UI, messaging, emojis and stickers, etc have all come to the app over the years. After everything new features are still coming in for users. The latest news or update by Facebook notifies of a new feature that Facebook is going to bring for users. The company has been in a lot of controversies this year over data handling and stealing or surveillance of users. With this new feature now users will be allowed to transfer files to Google photos from Facebook.

This Monday Facebook made a blog mentioning the new feature that it is working on to let users access Google Photos. Photos and videos from facebook can be sent to Google Photos directly making the data more secure. The idea is to make file transfer from social sites to services possible by connecting them and the service, for now, is Google Photos. After all the data protection acts and spotlight on Facebook this time they made it more reliable for everyone. Data portability is aimed at with this feature. The company is bringing it next year as a feature for everyone.

This feature is under work and there is no saying when it might be available. For now, users from Ireland can access this feature. In 2020 worldwide release of this feature will be done by Facebook and more accurate data is not available. The file transfer from Facebook to Google Photos will be encrypted so users can be assured that their privacy is safe. Facebook is also asking for some acts and actions on Data portability while it is working on it. The company has been working on Data Portability tools recently that are yet to come out.

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