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Facebook says users should keep the location on all the time

So many people use all the different websites and internet services and privacy has become a concern lately. With a lot of rumours and legal actions on Facebook due to data breach of users Facebook still stands on top. It is one of the most popular social websites and has a huge number of users over the globe. The data of millions of users was misused and Facebook was in lots of controversies and it still is. Same goes for many other huge tech companies including Apple and Google that just keep on accessing users data.

Facebook  location

Even with all the controversial matters, Facebook came up with the statement that users should keep their location on the whole time. Its might not be an issue for many but its part of users data and Facebook justifies it along with the statement. As per Facebook location access is important for Facebook to provide better services and to ensure better user experience. This happened after both Google and Apple decided to provide features that allow control over privacy and access are given to apps. The access to the location can be decided by customers and Facebook surely wasn’t happy with it.

Facebook has warned all the users that it’s better that they share their location with Facebook covering both the iOS and Android users. It is stated that they need the precise location of the user even when you are not using it to make sure of the alerts and tools are accurate for you. Facebook keeps facing charges of leaking info of users and now they don’t want people to keep the location hidden. Google and Apple sure made the right step to give users more access to privacy with the newer versions of iOS and Android.

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