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Facebook Reported Working On Its Own OS

The popular company Facebook known for different reasons is now working on its own Operating System. The company is mainly known for its social media platform that got more and more popular over the years. Facebook was also able to buy Whatsapp and Instagram with time and grew to become a multi-platform covering website. This year also had a lot of ups and downs for Facebook as it had a lot of controversies related to privacy. The company also had to face legal actions and was even fined with some huge amount. Most of people are aware of the surveillance that Facebook keeps its users under yet the company keeps going.

Now reports say that Facebook is working on its OS even with all the different rumors around. There is not much known about the OS by Facebook for now. The motive behind the development of OS is also not clear on how Facebook intends to use it. A good guess on how Facebook intends to use it is for replacing Google’s Softwares for its hardware. It’s a sure thing that Facebook will bring gadgets and hardware products in the near future and this just seems to be a step forward on being self-dependent.

There are a lot of rumors on different development projects running under the tech giant. As per reports, there are projects including AR glasses, Chipset and many other things that are yet to be revealed.  A voice assistant by Facebook is confirmed and is coming next year while there is already a lot of competition for it. Some years back Facebook also tried something similar to this OS when they tried making use in modified Android firmware. A lot of business is yet to happen and Facebook might go beyond just social media on the internet.

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