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Facebook Redesigned It’s Desktop Website, Added Dark Mode For PC

Facebook is a leading platform when it comes to communication and connectivity. We can connect with the world through Facebook by just creating an account on it. Facebook gives us all the privileges and we can even video call through Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is developing Facebook and he is doing everything possible to make Facebook the best platform. We get a very nice touch on Facebook and we can use it on our desktop easily. Facebook has its own mobile application for convenience and you can download it easily without any issue.

When it comes to updates, Facebook stays one step ahead of all. We all have Dark Mode now in our devices and even on our PC or laptops now. The bright background of Facebook is really annoying sometimes and the company got it. Facebook recently redesigned the desktop website and Facebook got a new UI now. Older UI of Facebook was a little bit dated and it needed an upgrade. Facebook added a Dark Mode feature in their desktop website and now you can use it without any problem. The process of enabling the Dark Mode on your desktop website is easy. Follow these steps to enable it quickly.

  • Open the Facebook desktop website on any web browser and click on the down arrow located at the end of the upper menu bar.

  • Old Facebook will go upside.

  • Select “Switch to new Facebook” option.

  • Select the down arrow which you selected at the beginning and locate “Dark Mode” option.

  • Switch it on.

It’s that simple and you will get the new Interface of Facebook. New Desktop version of Facebook is very attractive and you will love it for sure. Follow the steps written above and try it out yourself.

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