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A new Malware on FB messenger Mines Monero on the victim’s device

Cryptocurrencies are getting more and more popular day by day which is also affecting the costs of computer hardware as more demand is giving rise to a problem called less supply due to which the costs of products are rising. In our today’s article we will discuss a new virus which is spreading through Facebook, and as a user comes in contact to this, the malware starts mining in the background which in general slows down the system, so let’s discuss more.

Image of the Monero Cryptocurrency.
Image courtesy: comominar .info

This new malware is known as Digmine, and it spreads through Facebook messenger when a user receives it in the form of a .zip file. You people should be aware of the file that’s why we are mentioning the file name here “,” after opening this file it gets into background and mines the currency called Monero. If you are using a smartphone to access FB, then it will not going to harm as it spreads on Facebook messenger version of Google Chrome PC.

Image of Facebook.
Image courtesy: snopes .com

“Digmine” allows hackers to achieve control over your Facebook account from where it spreads to other profiles, it multiplies itself with the time. It automatically installs the miner.exe file and the profits gathered from that is then transferred to the hackers. As per Facebook, they are currently busy in eliminating this thing from the internet, but the hackers can alter the links due to which by some modification or by changing codes they can easily spread this malware all over the world. This virus installs a method by which Google Chrome start working on an infected extension which further gives them access to the FB account of the user.

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