Facebook introduces new musical features

Facebook has introduced a couple of new features to make your Facebook’s experience more musical. These features will be now available for everyone and will make your experience even more musical.

The first feature introduced by Facebook is Lip Sync Live which started to roll out to the users first in June of this year but is now available to every Facebook user. This is a competitor to famous TikTok App(previously Musical.ly) to the Pages so, creators and artist can promote their single tracks. Along with that, the Lip Sync Live will also add onscreen lyrics to create a karaoke-like experience.

[Source: TechBuzz]
Facebook has secured the rights for songs from several artists including Khalid, Maroon 5 and others which will soon follow in the coming the months.

After starting a live video, there will be an option available for Lip Sync Live feature and viewers will be able to see the information about the song including song name and artist name.

The other feature introduced by Facebook is that users will have the ability to add soundtracks to photos and videos in Facebook Feed and Stories. After shooting or uploading, the will be an option for music stick from you can add a track to the picture or video.

Along with that, soon there will be a new music section coming to the profiles where users will be able to pin their favorite songs to share them with their friends. Tapping on any song from a profile will play a brief clip of that song and display some videos and pictures from the artist.

Recently, Facebook has been much attention to the music industry for a while as Instagram and SoundCloud, in a collaboration announced a new feature.

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