Facebook introduces new features in WhatsApp

Facebook has been involved in many scandals throughout this year which resulted in Facebook losing many users. WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook managed to stay out of such scandals and focused on making people’s life easier by bringing new features for them.

New features are tested constantly and under the beta mode, most of these features make it into the final version of the app.

[Source: thenextweb.com]
Some of the new features are;

  1. Vacation or Silent mode is a new feature which archives chats for as long as the user wants.
  2. Expanding group members list is a feature which doesn’t show the whole list of members and shows a text saying “More.” Tapping on this will reveal the rest of the list.
  3. New chat stickers are going to introduced in Whatsapp in the inbuilt emoji section available inside the app.
  4. Linked accounts is new feature whose function is said to be designed for recovering passwords of other linked accounts such as Instagram and Facebook.
  5. Swipe right to reply is a feature already available in Whatsapp. You just have to swipe the message right and reply.
  6. The picture-in-picture mode is a feature which allows Whatsapp users to continue watching videos even while scrolling through a chat.
  7. Dark Mode is a new feature which is going to be released soon by Whatsapp.
  8. Changes in message recall mode is a feature which will allow the users to delete the messages within 13 hours of sending.

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