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Facebook Bought Giphy Recently For $400 Million

Facebook is the favourite platform of users to pass their time when they have nothing to do. Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook and he also owns Instagram and WhatsApp. These 3 social media platforms are almost similar to each other as they let us contact our loved ones. Facebook is having a very good User Interface which is recently upgraded. Users are loving the Dark Mode which web users got a few days earlier. Mark is literally trying to own everything. He currently owns social media platforms which are world-famous and being used by a lot of people on a daily basis.

Recently Facebook bought Giphy which is a very entertaining platform with lots of GIFs. We can send Animated Stickers or GIFs to anyone we want through Giphy. Giphy even has its own keyboard which is available for free on the Play Store as well as on the App Store. Facebook bought Giphy for $400 Million and now Facebook owns it. Facebook is going to include Giphy in Instagram soon. All the things will remain the same as they were before. Only the owner has changed and Giphy will remain the same with great content getting uploaded on a daily basis.

We get the latest GIFs through Giphy and there are thousands of GIFs on Giphy. From funny to sad or angry, you can express your emotions through GIFs and Giphy can do that for you easily. People are using Animated Stickers and GIFs now instead of texting anyone because it is more fun. Facebook made a very great deal with Giphy for sure because it will be beneficial for Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg won’t stop surprising their users.

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