Facebook announced new policies regarding Facebook pages and groups

After it became pretty clear that Facebook was used as a tool to undermine democracy and cause harm, Facebook does its best to keep its platform away from any type of garbage specially engineered to effectively warp reality even as recently as this month.

Two new policies are announced by Facebook tackling this problem on its social networking site, one new policy is aimed at reducing repeated abuse, and one is aimed at establishing greater transparency.

[Source: TechBuzz]
In regard to the latter, the company said it will share with Page managers the specific kinds of content that is against its Community Standards.

Facebook said that:

“To start, we are including content removed for policies like hate speech, graphic violence, harassment and bullying, and regulated goods, nudity or sexual activity, and support or praise of people and events that are not allowed to be on Facebook. While this tab provides greater insight into content that was removed or demoted, it is not a comprehensive accounting of all policy violations. For example, we won’t be showing content removals at this time for things like spam, clickbait, or IP violations.”

According to Facebook, they are going to prevent its users who manage multiple Pages from just pivoting an already existing Page to serve the same purpose as one Facebook has deleted.

So, say a user who manages 4 Pages and one is deleted for going against the company’s policies. Facebook says it may now delete associated Pages or Groups even if they haven’t gone against any of its policies. Facebook said it will use a “broad set of information” to make sure whether to take this action.

These new policies are going to help in decreasing the spread of fake news to some extent.

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