Facebook added a web browser and games to Facebook Portal devices

Facebook is trying hard to make its smart display video chat screen Portal more useful and attractive for the users.

It is announced by Facebook that they are going to add a web browser, and also some of Facebook Messenger’s Instant Games which includes games like Battleship, Draw Something, Sudoku, and Words With Friends. ABC News and CNN are adding content to Portal.

[Source: The Verge]
Facebook has also added a new feature of AR Story Time tales, seasonal AR masks, in-call music sharing through iHeartRadio beyond Spotify and Pandora.

This vital update by Facebook can play a key role in repositioning Portal as not only a video chat device but more in the line with Amazon Echo Show and Google Home Hub.

When Facebook Portal was first launched in October, the device didn’t have much of a reason to exist beyond giving Facebook a way to try its hand at hardware.

But a lot of people who are feeling okay with bringing a Facebook camera and microphone into their homes seemed slim, especially after a lot of people complained about its lack of features.

This gadget by Facebook still has a long way to go before it can start giving any competition to its rivals like an Amazon Echo Show or Google Home Hub and as there’s still no Netflix, and the device doesn’t have a built-in app store of any kind.

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