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Facebook Acquires AR Startup To Make Digital Map

Facebook one of the leading tech giant is working on something huge again and it is a world map this time. The company is trying to make a 1:1 digital map of the globe and this is not similar to the regular map. For making this map Facebook has acquired a UK based startup called Scape Technology. Scape Technology is an augmented reality startup that isn’t just an AR startup but has the tec to make 1:1 map of the physical world. Facebook bought this startup for around $40 million and has started this map creation that is nothing like a regular thing.

Scape has the technology that can make a 1:1 digital map and for the same Facebook has bought it. The AR startup itself is more of a mapping company that is working to make an AR map of the whole world. The aim is probably to make AR devices more accessible in the future while this generation of AR is still under work. Scape was initially inspired by the Pokemon Go game and now it is trying to make AR more accessible over the entire world. Claims by Scape are very interesting as it says it doesn’t rely on GPS, Cell Towers, or IP targetting, etc for positioning.

Facebook is doing something similar to Google’s Earth that has 3d maps. Google also bought a company named Keyhole for making Google Earth that is currently providing 3d maps to a large number of users. From what Scape has to say they don’t need the resources that Google used in Google Earth rather it can be done with fewer resources. Till mid-2019 Scape has already made 3D renders of more than 100 different cities from around the world. Facebook has a good chance to accomplish this after it has previously failed to buy Waze.

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