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Elon Musk Shows the New Reusable Spaceship for Traveling to the Moon and Beyond that

Ever since SpaceX program was started there have been a lot of achievements accomplished by it. The entire human race can actually look forward to SpaceX for traveling in space to be possible. Elon Musk also has mentioned it from time to time that he plans on making space tour possible for people. He even made it possible for himself not long ago but this time it’s big news that he unveils SpaceX’s spacecraft. This was the first time reveal of this spacecraft that is said to make its trip somewhere in the 2020s with people riding it.

Elon Musk New Reusable Spaceship

From BOCA CHICA VILLAGE, Texas the prototype of Mk1 starship of SpaceX was seen for the first time and it can possibly be the future vessel that takes humanity to space officially. Elon Musk made this happen on the occasion of 11th anniversary of SpaceX’s first-ever rocket launch by the Falcon 1. The starship prototype revealed on Saturday at South Texas is the newest version of starship along with its super boosters. The starship is reusable and will be able to take 100 passengers at a time around in space to moon and beyond that.

Elon Musk has mentioned it that his aim for making human travel to space possible but still Mars is the target. This project was made for making travel possible and it will be 118 meters in height and reusable. The rocket plans on taking off during the 2020s with the Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa and some other important people. New versions of Falcon and Falcon Heavy Rockets are also made by SpaceX and a lot went along on Saturday. SpaceX also has the reusable capsules and rockets for astronauts that humanity still needs while SpaceX works on the space tour program.

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