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Dynamic e-mail feature on Gmail coming to Android and iOS

Email is nothing surprising even for ios or android users as its common app and feature that is used by people every day. For different reasons including work, sharing files, texting, etc emails are used day and night on different types of devices. Emailing is not easy as each time you have to open a new email box for writing and it’s annoying. Google this week was also working with Google Docs and now this time they have bought the dynamic email for both iOS and Android devices.

The update with dynamic email will be rolling out on Gmail and will be available within a few days. This feature makes replying and performing tasks within the same email. It will make handling mails and operating through Gmail much easier as you can simply use them as chatbox. Another great thing that comes along with a dynamic email feature is that you get to stay up to date with your things. The mails stay updated when you access them and you don’t have to refresh it for checking what’s new. Dynamic email feature will be enabled by default on your device as long as it supports it and you just have to update your Gmail.

About rollout of this update, Google says its rollout starts today but it might still take some time before everyone gets the update. iOS and android one might be delayed with update and others might get it first but the update is rolling out for both the systems. The feature that Google has added to Gmail is very useful to people that have work and regular use of mails. Keeping track of emails and replying to them will be much easier and less time consuming with dynamic email.

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