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Dual Screen Surface Duo By Microsoft

The trending tech now is foldable devices with dual screens and Microsoft is also on it. Until now we have seen a few foldable phones. The real dual-screen foldable phone that got popular was the Galaxy fold by Samsung. Last year was the starting of these foldable phones with the first generation that is doing just fine. Microsoft also made a foldable device but they don’t want to call it a foldable phone. Microsft announced it’s Surface Duo last year and we didn’t get to see it after that and it is still not close to getting launched yet.

Microsoft is trying to make a new type of device with Surface Duo rather than just adding it to the foldable phone list. The device features two screens that have a hinge to make it more productive as in dual monitor computers. While the Surface Duo is a product by Microsoft it uses an altered version of Android that looks similar to Windows. Until now there was only the hype created from the announcement in hardware event in 2019. Now a video has surfaced showing the hands-on of Microsoft’s Surface Duo for the first time ever.

In the video, the Surface Duo was seen to be used in both portrait and landscape orientation. The hinge can also be seen while the device gets folded and front flash is also featured in this hands-on video. This front-facing flash gives off some hints as to how the device might use a single camera as both rear and front. The only specifications on this device that are confirmed are that it has two 5.6 inch displays. Rumors have it that this device might come with snapdragon 855 while less is known about the modified android interface as well.

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