Donald Trump is a p*nis, according to Siri

As of the time of writing, Apple’s digital assistant, Siri thinks that President Donald Trump is a pen*s. If you use your iPhone or iPad to ask Siri that how old is Donald Trump then you will be shown a picture of a male’s private part instead of the picture of the US’ president.

This means that someone is editing the Wikipedia page of Donald Trump or either toying with the algorithm that is used by Apple’s virtual assistant to source out these images.Donald-Trump-Siri

It is a really odd bug that is found in Siri and it had created such mistakes in the past too. One of the most memorable Siri’s blunders was the virtual assistant thinking that the Bulgarian National Anthem was Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”. Apple acted on this and quickly fixed this issue.

This failure is quite surprising as it came on the day of Thanksgiving in the US and today’s is not the day that you ask about Donald Trump from Siri on your dinner table.

After this news went viral, a Wikipedia editor spoke to The Verge and told that it was an act of vandalism from more than one editor and those editors have been blocked from Wikipedia indefinitely.

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