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Dimensity 1000 ARM chip by MediaTek with Dual 5G Support.

MediaTek is known for its ARM chips that suit the budget devices and now it seems MediaTek decided to bring up its game. 5G is the next stop for most of the telecom companies and the same goes for smartphones. MediaTek is getting into the 5G race and has announced it’s Dimensity 1000 ARM SoC that is a huge step forward as it has dual 5G support. Dimensity is the first of MediaTek’s 5G smartphone SoC and is supposed to perform better in an aspect of connectivity and performance. 

5G is the fastest wireless connectivity that is around and is getting development and Dimensity 1000 brings innovation by MediaTek for premium smartphones. The chipset is made up of pairing of four Arm Cortex A77 cores that operate up to 2.6 GHz along with 4 Arm Cortex A55 cores. Mediatek Dimensity chipset gives the best power efficiency and performance and has a 3 big and 2 small design of 5 Core ISP. It gives the best efficiency and performance by using suitable sensors in the best ISP. The new chipset also brings support to 80MP cameras along with multi-camera options that are seen on smartphones these days.

On Antutu Dimensity has scored 480000 and on Geekbench 4.2. the score is 12096 that makes up a good score for performance. This is also the first of the dual 5G supporting SoC and the download speed goes up to 4.7 Gbps while the upload is 2.4 Gbps. This speed range is while it is used under 5G frequencies that are under 6 GHz. This is the next generation of SoC that MediaTek has come up with to compete with Qualcomm’s flagship processors. High performance in multitasking and gaming, as well as dual 5G support, makes it quite a good chipset for upcoming flagship devices. MediaTek falls behind most of the times when it comes to flagships maybe Dimensity 1000 will change that.

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