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Devices getting Affected by Malware Due to NFC: Android.

Android devices are not the most secure devices for now and from time to time we get to see that with our own eyes. Just like that as all malware have things we need to worry about a new malware just came up for android users. With the new techs coming for our comfort some extra trouble tags along to mess things up. The more complex devices become the more security breaches will be possible to steal data or to add malware. NFC isn’t the newest tech of feature among smartphones but seems like it just started to become vulnerable.

NFC is quite comfortable and easy to use the feature for wireless payments and accessibility through Android devices. It happened so that there was a security vulnerability found within this NFC feature on Android devices. The security failure or whatever you might call it allows malware to get inside your system that can be patched. With the patch, the NFC bug was fixed soon enough but it was surely a major security issue. Updating your android’s security updates and changing a bit of setting that will make your phone less vulnerable to malware.

NFC is easy as it is to use is also dangerous if you neglect things while using it as another user can send you malware. The feature works when two devices are within a close range so payments can be done just with one tap. To avoid such trouble you need to keep track of the settings that allow apps from unknown sources to be installed on your phone. The malware gets into your device through NFC when the attacker is close to you and they send you the app showing a pop up on the screen.

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